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The Path to the Heart "Healer of Healers" Program 

We help transform you into “The Empowered Healer,” Where you’ll understand your magical gifts, learn how to channel across multiple dimensions, learn how to protect and activate both internally and externally, connect with your multi-dimensional beings, align, balance and activate chakras, learning to go to the subconscious of a human being, Remove Programs, cut Contracts, Vows, and Remove Entities.

Then take everything you’ve learned, build your healing business, and us this knowledge to help your own clients.

In Level 3 "The Healer Healer" we cover:

Meet Your Mentor

My name is Monica Ramirez / Warrior of Love

Monica Ramirez the Warrior of Love, is a Transformational Belief Coach, she help healers, coaches and energy workers to connect to a higher consciousness and heal within, so that they can believe in themselves more deeply, take decisive action in their own lives and facilitate more profound transformations with their own clients. 


She use NLP, BQH, Channeling, and Quantum Healing Techniques to access and reprogram the 'motherboard' of your being so that you can shed the unhelpful beliefs that hold you back, connect to the higher realms, and fulfill your personal and business potential. She is the best seller author in Amazon for Transformation in Metamorphosis. Founder of Path to the Heart a transformational System. 

She looking for Speaking oportunities to talk about believing in yourself and Multidimensional Energy.


What Our Clients Say

What is included:

  •  Weekly one-on-one with me to work on your own healing process

  • Personalize theta meditation to help you support your healing process.

  • Weekly group class on Zoom for 90 minutes. 

  • 3 x Workshops throughout the year that go in levels of knowledge.

  • Certification as a Multidimensional Healer and a Master Channeler from Path to the Heart. 

  • Also, to support you fully, you'll receive

  • WhatsApp or Telegram access to me for support at any time - reach out and ask your questions so that they are not left until our next scheduled 1:1

  • You'll get access to materials, workbooks, a portal, and all the homework in a convenient location.

  • Recordings of the group programs and your therapies.

  • Also, you'll receive access to a community of like-minded healers via a private Facebook group so you can grow and support each other as a community.

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