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Path to the Heart
Transformational System

Level UP Like A Warrior of Love

Creative, Passionate, and Deeply Connected… Monica is the Warrior of Love. Since birth, she has been very open with her gifts and dedicated her life to unearthing them.

She heals herself from Lupus, RA, Fibromyalgia, and depression, and she understands that this is part of her teaching to help others do the same. She is the Artist of Authenticity, which means she is the artist in the traditional sense and also teaches people how to master the art of love.


She is a transformational belief coach and helps others go from confusion to confidence to design the life of their dreams and have the freedom and be empowered to love themselves.


She is Certified as, Life Coach, Neuro-linguistic Programmer, B.Q.H. Beyond Quantum Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regressions, Timeline therapist, Multidimensional Energy Healer, Psychic Channeler, Galactic Akashic record reader, and established artist, published writer as a best International seller in Amazon with her book Transformation in Metamorphosis, podcaster of Soul Talk and motivational speaker. She is the founder of "Path to the Heart," a transformational system that goes into 3 phases; the last level is a Certification of her program. Monica empowers others to paint the picture of warrior confidence so they can fulfill their dreams.

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Path to the Heart 3 Levels

Transformational System

When you don't feel worthy of obtaining the relationship you want because you feel that person is out of your league, you question why?


Why don’t you feel worthy?


When you have a dream job in mind, but you don’t apply for it because you don't feel good enough, have you asked why you feel that way?


It’s not that you aren’t capable of achieving your dreams, it’s because you believe in the identity that other people have given you since you were small. You can achieve whatever you want, if you are willing to put the time in to heal yourself and feel worthy once more.

I will work with you on the following:

Your emotional state by reprograming and creating a new identity.

We will work on your energetic state, by removing contracts and vows

We will work on your physical state by empowering you to feel healthier with more energy and enthusiasm.

 We want to take you from being powerless, scared of change, and stuck, and we want to help you be powerful, free, and in control.


This involves working with me personally on a weekly 1:1 basis as well as across 3 workshops to immerse yourself into the work.


This will help you go from confused, feeling resentful, and a sense of shame and guilt, to be instead living your life from a place of

being clear and purposeful, loving unconditionally, and empowered, having the self-belief and confidence you deserve. 

At the same time you will learn a new techniques that you can combine with other modalities so you can give a better service to your clients bringing a transformation for all.

What you will get:

  •  Weekly one-on-one with me to work on your own healing process

  • Personalize theta meditation to help you support your healing process.

  • Weekly group class on Zoom for 90 minutes. 

  • 3 x Workshops throughout the year that go in levels of knowledge.

  • Certification as a Healer and a Master Channeler from Path to the Heart. 

  • Also, to support you fully, you'll receive

  • WhatsApp access to me for support at any time - reach out and ask your questions so that they are not left until our nextscheduled 1:1

  • You'll get access to materials, workbooks, a portal, and all the homework in a convenient location.

  • Recordings of the group programs and your therapies.

  • Also, you'll receive access to a community of like-minded healers via a private Facebook group so you can grow and support each other as a community.

  • Certificate as a Multidimensional Healer and Master Channeler


  • You have to go in order, you can not jump steps.

  • You are require to have appointment with Monica Ramirez to be Free Pathway to Self-Belief Session

  • You are require to pay in full or make payments.

  • If choosing monthly payments is require to sign a contract.

Level 1
"Transformation in Metamorphosis"
Start on
October 1
8th at

 You will feel integrated, empowered, you will be less reactive, and will love the person you are, because this time you will know who you are, and you will start attracting the live experience that you always wanted.


  1. Creating morning practices          

  2. Programs and reprogramming and Limiting beliefs,    

  3. Shame and Guilt, Blame,                                             

  4. Responsibility & Accountability,    

  5. Games of the Ego,  

  6. Anger, Pride and Fear,                                       

  7. Envy, jealousy, Competition and Comparison,  

  8. Patterns and Triggers,

  9. Judgment and Mirrors,             

  10. Coherence,                                        

  11. Creating healthy boundaries,   

  12. Forgiveness & Learning to love yourself.

What people are saying...

Christine Benavides, TX

I have received a few services from Monica; I am also in the current Master Channeling Program. From my experiences with her the past few months, I have gained an abundance of knowledge and am incredibly grateful If you’re looking for transformation within, she is your guide!

Abigail Teixeira, CA

I’ve had a few theta healing sessions with Monica. She is a very potent and powerful healer and wise woman. I highly recommend her sessions, her approach is warm, gentle and caring. Monica is very knowledgeable towards many energy healing modalities and will choose the best one on an individual basis. I look forward to many more sessions and eventually learning from her.

Ruby Ann Avila, TX

Warrior of Love, Monica, is not only an amazing friend to me but has been a great mentor. When I say that she teaches you to truly just love yourself is an understatement.

She has been at my side for many years even before she found her purpose as the Warrior of Love. Therefore I know for a fact that her understanding of the human condition is 100% experience driven.

Monica has worked with me to get past several early life traumas that affected many aspects my life as an adult. I. learned to let go of shame that had manifested into anger. She's helped me to maintain a constant state of self awareness regardless what life hands me situationally.

I really have learned to see situations as happening for me and not to me. There are no losses only lessons in life.

Level 2 “Metaphysics and the Soul”

Starts on
To be 

You will let go past traumas that come from family linage, and will feel integrated into your own power, remembering who you were and with a clearer what is your mission in this timeline. You will learn how the law of attraction work with a heal being that now you are., with the feeling of been worthy and value yourself.



  1. Chakras and Kundalini,                         

  2. Time Line Dimensions,                                           

  3. Past lives, Reincarnation, Karma and Dharma,                                                

  4. Clearing Energy 

  5. Contracts and Vows,                                                

  6.  Clearing family and linage limitations,                                                     

  7. 19 Laws of the Universe The Seven Laws of Hermes Trismegisto       

  8.  Believe in yourself,                    

  9. Heart Chakra and Brain Integration                              

  10. Propose and Mission   

  11. Law of attraction and manifestation                 

  12.  Soul Retrieval Ceremony.

Level 3
“The Empowered Healer,”

Start on
to be 

You will feel empowered, you will believe in the connection you have with your guides and will master working on the subconscious of your clients, feeling proud of your work having more tools to give better service to your clients. You will develop your gifts that you were born to develop by right.  You will obtain a Certification of competition as a Healer and Channeler from Path to the Heart.


Month 1

Module 1: What is Energy? And Densities

Module 2: Communicating with Higher Self

Module 3: Believing in Yourself

Module 4: Honoring Yourself


Month 2

Module 5: Elevating Your Vibration

Module 6: Releasing Fear

Module 7: Difference between the Ego + Higher Self

Module 8: Protections + Activating the Merkaba


Month 3

Module 9: Creating sacred spaces

Module 10: Telepathy

Module 11: Psychometry

Module 12: Waking up your Gifts


Month 4

Module 13: Channeling + Different types of channeling 

Module 14: Different types of channeling - Telepathic

Module 15: Different types of channeling  - Automatic Writing

Module 16: Different types of channeling - Light Language


Month 5

Module 17: Different types of channeling - Channeling through the Arts

Module 18: Observing Energy & Auras / Reading Energy & Auras

Module 19: Unification + Connection with the Divine

Module 20: Akashic Records


Month 6

Module 21: Reading the Akashic Records

Module 22: Reprogramming in Theta

Module 23: Healing in Theta Consciousness

Module 24: Removing Entities & Attachments

Acquire your Certification as a Multidimensional Healer and Channeler by Path to the Heart and Start your own practice.


• Weekly 1:1 Coaching in zoom with Monica Ramirez

  • Group classes once a week for the duration of each Level

• 1 Workshops for 3 Levels throughout the year

• Also, to support you fully, you’ll receive WhatsApp access to me for support at any time - just reach out and ask your questions so that they are not left until our next

scheduled 1:1

• You’ll get access to materials, workbooks, a portal, and all the homework as well in a single convenient location.

• And also you’ll receive access to a community of like-minded healers via a private Facebook group so you can grow and

support each other as a community.


  • Bonus classes by Special Invites.


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