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Monica as a Psychic Channeler paints messages that she received from  her guides.  She has also done painting in this concept for her clients.


The Full Story


Originally a native of Veracruz, Mexico, Ramirez's painting style is a dynamic and evolving blend of surrealism with figurative abstracts.

Her primary inspiration is the human body, which she believes is the perfect expression of the soul within and paint what the soul is transmitting. She paint Channeled Messages and Spiritual Guides since 40 years.

She paints different emotional states in multiple layers using various medias, like oils and acrylic. Textures like gold and silver leaf, coffee grounds, and others give her work additional depth and complexity.

Her work has been exhibited in museums, art galleries, Universities, cultural centers, and art events.

Her work has been exhibited in several museums, art galleries, Universities, and cultural centers.  She has exhibited in  Baja California; Tamaulipas; Nuevo Leon; Coahuila; Chiapas; , she had a Solo Art Exhibit; in Mexico DF, Jalisco, and  Hidalgo.

In the United States, she has exhibited in Texas, California, Florida, Arizona, New York,  as well as in Italy, Spain, Ireland, and England. 

Her work has been chosen for two Biennales one in Wondermarks in Palermo, Italy and the other one in 2015 in Barcelona, Spain, curated by the international curator Salvatore Russo. 


Monica Ramirez Art

Artists, Writer, Coach, Poet, Sculpture, Public Speaker and Podcaster

Monica Ramirez, a seasoned artist with over four decades of dedication to her craft, embarked on her artistic journey at the tender age of 13. Since then, her artistic prowess has transcended borders and continents, leaving an indelible mark on the global art scene.


Monica's artwork has graced prestigious venues worldwide, including museums, galleries, palaces,  universities, cultural centers, and cultural events. Her creative spirit knows no boundaries, and her artistic expressions have had a profound impact in North America, Latin America, and Europe.


With each stroke of her brush and every stroke of her creativity, Monica Ramirez continues to captivate and inspire art enthusiasts around the world, leaving a legacy of artistic excellence that transcends time and place. 🎨🌍 


Commissioning a channeled painting by Monica Ramirez is a powerful way to bring the spiritual into the physical, creating a lasting connection to your inner self or your spiritual guides. Embrace the beauty of your unique journey through art. 🌌✨

Channeled Paintings by Monica Ramirez: A Unique Expression of Your Soul's Essence

Imagine having the essence of your soul or the presence of your spiritual guides captured in a beautiful and unique painting. Monica Ramirez, a talented and intuitive artist, offers custom channeled paintings in acrylic or oil, providing you with a tangible representation of your spiritual journey.


🎨 Your Energy Field (Soul) on Canvas - 🎨


In this enchanting 16" x 20" canvas painting, Monica channels and expresses the vibrational essence of your soul. Each brushstroke and color choice is an intuitive reflection of your soul y energy, creating a visually stunning and deeply personal piece of art. This painting serves as a powerful reminder of your inner beauty and uniqueness.


🌟 Your Guides on Canvas - 🌟


For those seeking a profound connection with their spiritual guides, Monica creates a captivating 16" x 20" canvas painting made just for you. 

Through her intuitive abilities, she brings forth the presence and energy of your guides onto the canvas. 

This piece serves as a spiritual focal point, a reminder of the loving guidance that surrounds you, and a source of inspiration on your journey.


What to Expect:


🎨Customization: Each painting is custom-tailored to your unique energy or the energy of your guides. No two paintings are alike, ensuring that your piece is one of a kind.


🎨Intuitive Process: Monica taps into her intuitive and artistic abilities to channel the energy and essence onto the canvas. It's a deeply intuitive and spiritual process.


🎨Tangible Connection: These paintings offer a tangible connection to your inner self or spiritual guides, serving as a visual reminder of your inner wisdom and support.


🎨Decorative and Meaningful: Not only are these paintings a meaningful addition to your space, but they also hold a deep and personal significance.



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