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Membresía de Camino al Corazón, Version en Espanol, Inicia el Martes 14 de Mayo 2024

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Hello Beautiful,


Helping you connect to your multidimensionality, believe in yourself, and live your dream life, empowered and free. Let's unlock your true potential together.
You will rise above past pain, banish imposter syndrome, and face each day as a transformed and empowered you.

Do you face self-doubt as a healer, coach, or energy worker?
Are you seeking a stronger spiritual connection to a higher consciousness?
Struggling to take
decisive action in your personal life?
Longing to
create profound transformations with your clients?

You've come to the right place.

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Love yourself first!


I am the Warrior of Love
Neuro-Linguistic Programmer, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist & Speaker

As the Warrior of Love, I am dedicated to empowering individuals like you to trust yourself, believe in yourself, and love yourself on a deep, multi-dimensional level.

​I help healers, coaches and energy workers to connect to a higher consciousness and heal within, so that they can believe in themselves more deeply, take decisive action in their own lives and facilitate more profound transformations with their own clients.


Experience the freedom and empowerment of self-love, and attracting the right clients for your energy and vibration.

I use NLP, channeling, and quantum healing techniques to access and reprogram the 'motherboard' of your being so that you can shed the unhelpful beliefs that hold you back, connect to the higher realms, and fulfill your personal and business potential.


Let's connect and embark on a transformative journey towards healing and self-discovery, helping you awaken the warrior within and become the best version of yourself.



Connect with your higher self and tap into your inner wisdom to feel safe, whole, and aligned with your true purpose in this free guided meditation. 


Awaken the warrior within and embark on a transformative journey of healing and self-discovery to live your boldest, most beautiful life today!

Abigail Texteira

I feel truly blessed to have connected with this beautiful, strong and genuinely kind gifted woman. I had the honor and privilege of having a theta healing session to clear some deep rooted limiting beliefs and emotions, let go of anger and connect deeply with my inner self in a safe, comfortable and effective environment. I am forever grateful to her and can not wait for our next sessions. Highly recommend her.

Julia Francis

 I was fortunate to take a 3 day course with Monica Ramirez on channeling! It was very insightful, put together nicely and I truly enjoyed the experience! I would recommend her courses to anyone who is seeking further development or just curious about channeling. Thanks so much Monica!

Griselda Orozco

I’ve had a couple of sessions with my wonderful friend Monica Ramirez, the first one was a BQH, and second one was THETA Hypnosis and the sessions were terrific...her energy is potent, she is a wonderful, caring, and compassionate person, who makes you feel comfortable...I genuinely recommend will have an excellent experience, and she will dive you into your very deepest inner being...thank you, Monica, for being so amazing and for all the work you do to heal our wounds and bring light and love to all...

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